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What In2Cultures Offers

Liz and Devinder offer exciting and stimulating creative arts packages tailor made to your requirements. Whether you are a school, nursery, business or community organisation, we can offer you long or short term support throughout the year.

Our Services

 African Drumming

In2cult8African drumming is a great way to introduce students to African culture and music.  It helps develop listening and coordination skills and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Our workshops are fun, engaging and inspiring and are ideal for team building, as participants learn how to work together to create authentic West African rhythms.

We use full size African djembe drums and we can cater for large numbers of participants. The workshops begin with simple hand exercises and build up to more complex rhythms.

African drumming is a great experience for all involved, leaving everyone with a smile, increased self confidence and a personal sense of achievement.


 Bhangra Dancing

Bhangra is the exciting and energetic harvest celebration folk dance from the state of Punjab in India.  Our workshops teach traditional Bhangra using live drumming on the Dhol and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Bhangra is a great way to keep fit and help develop coordination.  It is very energising and aerobic and is a fun way to introduce participants to Indian culture.  It can also be used for multicultural celebrations, activity weeks and team building.

The workshops also allow the participants to see the traditional costumes and instruments that are used as part of the dance.  In2Cultures also deliver workshops on other styles of Indian dance, including Bollywood and Dhandia Raas  (Stick Dance).

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 Multicultural Art

In2cult7Whatever culture you are studying, we can offer interesting, engaging and informative workshops catering for all abilities.  Examples of our workshops include projects on African textiles, the Maasai of East Africa, Indian textiles and folk art, Aboriginal Australia and the Native Americans.

The visually stunning projects range from observational drawings to sculpture, from collage work to large installations which take pride of place in many settings.

Our workshops use authentic artefacts as a starting point to inspire the participants and also as a focus to help them understand the relevant culture.

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In2cult2In many cultures, stories are used to pass on information and life skills from one generation to the next.  The ancient tradition of storytelling in other cultures helps preserve codes of behaviour and beliefs.

Our storytelling workshops use traditional music, chants and songs to captivate and hold the listener’s attention, so that everyone can take something away from the experience.  These stories with their morals, can be used to support PSHE, RE, and other cross curricular projects.

Our many traditional stories can also be used as a starting point for the development of exciting and enjoyable dance and drama productions, which can be shared with the rest of the school and the wider community.

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 African Song and Dance

African call and response songs are a fun way for getting everyone involved in singing.  We teach traditional songs in various African languages to illustrate the huge diversity of the continent.

Our workshops cater for all ages and abilities ranging from simple songs to more complex harmonies.  The songs are either sung acapella or accompanied by live drumming.

African dance is energising and uplifting, and many of the dance moves mirror the everyday actions of life in Africa.  In our workshops, participants also learn about the many different African cultures through the medium of dance.

The movements can be choreographed for all ages and abilities and the dancing is performed to live drumming which never fails to inspire the participants into action.  The dancers learn to respond to signals played on the drums when building up the choreography, which helps develop good listening skills, coordination and concentration.

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 Team Building

Music is a universal language, and our team building workshops help build team spirit and motivate staff, resulting in a fun and memorable experience.  We use African drumming or Bhangra dance for the workshops, which can be tailored to the client’s requirements and we are able to cater for small groups or large gatherings.

The drumming or the dancing can help reinforce concentration, coordination and timing.  By the end of the session, we aim for all participants to have improved their skills in working together as a team.  During the workshops, participants will move from simple beginnings to more complex drum rhythms or dance movements.

Our workshops are enjoyable and engaging, and can act as a stress releasing escape for participants from their usual office environment, resulting in a stronger team spirit and a sense of achievement.

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In2cult3The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians and is in widespread use today, both in Australia and around the world.  The workshop consists of a brief introduction to the history and background of the instrument.

The technique of circular breathing is demonstrated and explained and the participants are encouraged to produce the basic drone sound on plastic didgeridoos which are provided.  We also have many authentic and beautiful didgeridoos to show participants, which illustrate the variety of woods and art work used by Aboriginal people in the making of this instrument.

The sessions can incorporate Aboriginal song and dance to develop a better understanding of Aboriginal culture.  The workshops are designed to engage and leave participants with a sense of achievement.

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 Intercultural Projects

In2Cultures undertakes long or short term projects in schools and the community.  These can be projects linked to the curriculum, after school clubs or community based groups.

Our projects have included dance/drama presentations using traditional folktales from different cultures, as well as the development of African drumming and Bhangra dance groups.

All projects are planned with the client in mind.  Our work can enhance existing projects in schools, whether it relates to a particular country, continent, culture or simply the celebration of a multicultural festival.  We also support and organise intercultural events for individual schools and cluster groups.

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